Top 10 Cities in the World for Quality of Life

In its 2016 Quality of Living Index, Human Resources consultancy firm Mercer revealed which countries in the world rank high on quality of life. Here are the top ten cities on the list and some highlights on what make them great places to live in.

1. Vienna, Austria
Top reasons to live here: Stable economic and political system, top notch educational system, culture, excellent public transport system, safe, beautiful scenery, nature destinations, clean environment, Viennese cafes and vibrant coffee culture

2. Zurich, Switzerland
Top reasons to live here: Thriving economy, stable political condition, safe, multi-cultural, quality education, excellent transport network, scenic city, picturesque towns, breathtaking natural scenery, and top quality chocolates and watches

3. Auckland, New Zealand
Top reasons to live here: Good quality of life, excellent educational system, fairly low cost of living, stable economy, safety, spacious housing, stunning views and scenery, picturesque countryside

4. Munich, Germany
Top reasons to live here: Good public transport system, safe environment, quality educational system, beautiful scenery, art, architecture, music, culture, beer

5. Vancouver, Canada
Top reasons to live here: One of the most beautiful and relaxing cities in the world, thriving economy, clean city, great educational system, high employment rate, shipping hub, breathtaking scenery, green spaces

6. Dusseldorf, Germany
Top reasons to live here: Excellent educational system including top notch international schools, fairly low cost of living, green spaces, modern architecture, active lifestyle, beer, fashion and art scene

7. Frankfurt, Germany
Top reasons to live here: Stable economy, excellent transport system, international schools, culture, international vibe, architecture, apple wine, diverse cuisines

8. Geneva, Switzerland
Top reasons to live here: Thriving economy, highly educated population, good quality education, excellent public transport system, safe and clean, breathtaking scenery including, green spaces and nature, chocolates

9. Copenhagen, Denmark
Top reasons to live here: One of the happiest cities in the world, excellent educational system, bike-friendly city, co-housing developments, work-life balance, health and safety measures, impressive childcare opportunities, amazing working benefits, impressive architecture, culture, beautiful scenery

10. Sydney, Australia
Top reasons to live here: Thriving economy, quality education, excellent public transport system, art and culture scene, safe and clean, scenic attractions and nature getaways, active lifestyle

Getting More Things Done to Make Room for Some Personal Time


Many people continue to grapple with productivity despite the wealth of information and growing number of tools develop to address it. Getting things done at the least possible amount of time has long been the goal for people who want to carve out some personal time from the constant busyness. Multitasking and juggling what seem like endless tasks take its toll on performance and wellbeing. Here are some ways to be more efficient with time, accomplish more, and enjoy some personal time.

1. Review and reflect on how you use your time. You need to evaluate how you use your time on a typical day. Determine your peak hours, identify time vampires, and review how much of the important things you accomplish at any given day.

2. Work on one task or project at a time. Avoid multi-tasking. Doing more things at the same time does not automatically make you more efficient or effective. It may even lead to substandard work because of lack of focus or worse it may even cause some confusion and mix-ups. Instead of juggling several things at once, put all your attention and energy on doing quality work on a single task before moving on the next one on your to do list.

3. Organize and prioritize. Plan your day, create to do lists, stick to your schedule, track your progress, schedule break times, and be accountable of your time. Getting organized simplifies the process and adds more clarity to your daily goals. Tackle the more important work first or during your more productive hours. Avoid procrastinating as this can only cause unnecessary delays which only result to needless pressure and stress.

4. Identify and deal with time wasters. Your time wasters could be anything. They could be the emails you check every once in a while, messages you post on social media, random information you end up reading while surfing the Internet, phone calls, and so much more. Manage your time well so that you do not succumb to distractions. Schedule an hour each day for those tasks, either before or after your work.

5. Ask for help or delegate. Asking for help does not suggest any weakness on your part. It just means that you recognize that there might be a better way of doing things, one of which is to ask for support from others. Delegate if you can or ask for assistance on a particularly complicated task.