Managing money is a skill that needs to be developed early in life. And yet, it is not something usually taught to young children and teens in schools. For some, money sense comes as they enter adulthood or sometimes even later after that. Building wealth and working towards financial freedom are among the top goals people have. Staying on budget and keeping track of finances are some of the building blocks that will help in achieving money goals. Whatever your financial goals may be, there are tools and resources that will help you get the results you want. From creating a home budget pie chart to budget-tracking and more, here are some of the best apps that will help you manage your finances better.

1. EveryDollar (iOS, Android)
For: Budget and financial planning. It helps you build a budget based on your monthl income using different expense categories that you can customize.

2. Expensify (iOS, Android)
For: Business travelers and other users who want to keep track of expenses to make it easier to create expense reports.

3. Mint (iOS, Android)
For: Personal finance management. This app helps you keep track of your overall state of your finances.

4. Mvelopes (iOS, Android)
For: Know where your money goes by keeping track of daily spending.

5. PocketGuard (iOS, Android)
For: Bank account, tracking, and money management rolled into one.

6. Unsplurge (iOS)
For: Saving money and keeping track of your savings goals.

7. Wally (iOS, Android)
For: Personal expense tracking. It is also designed to make it easier to keep track of saving goals and the amount of money you have already saved.