How To Be More Productive


Contrary to popular belief, being productive is not that hard.

For some people, it could be due to them having the right kind of work and the right kind of lifestyle. For other people, it could be due to them getting enough rest time after a long day and having enough recreation time after a long week.

But you know what?

There’s more to productivity than just having the right kind of work and lifestyle and getting enough rest time and recreation time.

You see, to be productive is to be:


To be productive is to be grateful – not just for waking up each morning, but also for having the chance to do what you are supposed to do every single day. Even if you’re just a part time office cleaner or a freelance customer service representative, you must still be grateful for every opportunity given to you as you develop your skills and expand your knowledge.


To be productive is also to be appreciative – not just for those people who helped you get back up on your feet, but also for those people who caused you to fall down on your feet. Even if you’re just a low-income worker or a no-income volunteer, you must still be appreciative of those who are working hard just like you do and those who are helping others just like you do.


To be productive is even to be yourself – not just for what you are capable of, but also for who you are. Even if you’ve had a bad experience before or you’ve caused someone a bad experience before, you must still be yourself to become who you are truly meant to be and to become a better person than ever.

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Getting More Things Done to Make Room for Some Personal Time


Many people continue to grapple with productivity despite the wealth of information and growing number of tools develop to address it. Getting things done at the least possible amount of time has long been the goal for people who want to carve out some personal time from the constant busyness. Multitasking and juggling what seem like endless tasks take its toll on performance and wellbeing. Here are some ways to be more efficient with time, accomplish more, and enjoy some personal time.

1. Review and reflect on how you use your time. You need to evaluate how you use your time on a typical day. Determine your peak hours, identify time vampires, and review how much of the important things you accomplish at any given day.

2. Work on one task or project at a time. Avoid multi-tasking. Doing more things at the same time does not automatically make you more efficient or effective. It may even lead to substandard work because of lack of focus or worse it may even cause some confusion and mix-ups. Instead of juggling several things at once, put all your attention and energy on doing quality work on a single task before moving on the next one on your to do list.

3. Organize and prioritize. Plan your day, create to do lists, stick to your schedule, track your progress, schedule break times, and be accountable of your time. Getting organized simplifies the process and adds more clarity to your daily goals. Tackle the more important work first or during your more productive hours. Avoid procrastinating as this can only cause unnecessary delays which only result to needless pressure and stress.

4. Identify and deal with time wasters. Your time wasters could be anything. They could be the emails you check every once in a while, messages you post on social media, random information you end up reading while surfing the Internet, phone calls, and so much more. Manage your time well so that you do not succumb to distractions. Schedule an hour each day for those tasks, either before or after your work.

5. Ask for help or delegate. Asking for help does not suggest any weakness on your part. It just means that you recognize that there might be a better way of doing things, one of which is to ask for support from others. Delegate if you can or ask for assistance on a particularly complicated task.