Productivity Talks: How to Level Up in Rules of Survival

rules of survival

Be better at Rules of Survival with these three tips!


Tip #1: Keep moving but take things slowly

rules of survival game

Whichever terrain you’re in, remember that you have to keep going. If you’re behind tall grass, you should do your best to move quickly through it and bend down as you run. You could crawl if you wish, especially if you’re aiming to be unnoticed.

Stick close to buildings and hills as long as you can, but move to another when there’s a chance.

Remember that when the initial murder period is occurring, it’s okay to hide in a building. Be cautious about your surroundings, and remember to wait before you search and expose yourself a little more.

Always look at the map. Open it from time to time but make sure you’re hiding when you do. Safe areas change, and so do bombardment areas.

Remember that it’s a lot better to be slow and steady to stay alive in the game. Don’t rush; your priority should be to live longer. Don’t worry about running from a fight; another player could kill that player for you. Remember: You can heal when you’re hurting, but you can’t if you’re already dead. So take things slow as you progress.

Tip #2: Gather supplies

rules of survival

There will be a lot of weapons and stuff you could pick up as you move so be sure to get enough of what you need. When selecting guns, it’s best to avoid handguns. Sure, they’re handy and cute to possess, but you’ll have difficulty fighting opponents and defending yourself when the going gets tough. Be sure to get something bigger and stick with it instead. Also, you should remember to keep moving as you shoot.

Wearing an armor will also help you be the last man standing. Grab anything that can take most of the hits for you.

Although it’s advisable for you to gather supplies, too many would be burdensome. On that note, you should only pick up what you need. You can’t bring everything and you mustn’t. Before the game begins, know your priorities to avoid collecting what isn’t beneficial.

Tip #3: Use a hack

rules of survival hack

Lastly, use the hack from If you want to maximize your character in this game, you have to be resourceful too. And that includes having more than enough resources to upgrade and buy stuff. You don’t need to download anything if you use this hack since it’s online, and the resources will be drip-fed, ensuring that your account stays safe and secured.

And that’s about it! Just follow these tips and watch yourself survive the challenges of the game!

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